Hire Max Steingrout

Max Steingrout has appeared at hundreds of business meetings, weddings, bar mitzvahs, birthday parties, bachelor & bachelorette parties, & autograph signings. Sometimes not invited. Once he popped out of a cake. For a fee, Max Steingrout is willing to do just about anything.

Max will talk about a number of issues: his life, gambling, drugs, sports betting, entry into The Black Book, JFK conspiracy, chicken recipes, you name it: he'll talk about it.

In addition to his lectures, Max continues to love to party.

His half-baked lectures about The Rise & Fall of Las Vegas have broken new ground in the historical understanding of the city that Buzz Bissinger described as: "Most creative architecture in America."

Longtime Associate (& Lone Nut), Dick Wheeler says: "Hire him? I can't get rid of him. His picks are terrible."

Mr. Steingrout is completing his autobiography after 34 as a degenerate, a gambler, a winner, a loser, a Las Vegas Legend.

Recently on The View, the girls discussed the Hot Topic "Rachel Uchitel is Addicted to Ambien" & joining the cast of Celebrity Rehab.

Max has no problem with The View (he's never seen it), but he wonders who Rachel Uchitel is & although fun, wonders if one can actually be addicted to Ambien. Perhaps jealous, Max bemoans, "I'm at least twice the celebrity & ten times the addict as whoever the hell she is."

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